3-Inch Plastic Ball Shell Kit


This kit contains enough 3-inch plastic shell parts and fuse to make 15 shells and a mortar tube to fire them out of. You supply the black powder and stars.

Each kit contains:
-3-inch Plastic Ball Shells, 50 set (PL2050)
-1/4-inch Time Fuse, 3.5 feet (GN2010)
-Quick Fuse, 40 feet (GN1205 or GN1207)
-Chinese Visco Fuse, 10 feet (GN1008)
-3-inch Mortar Tube, 1 tube (PL3176 or PL3183)

*Note Stars & Black Powder not included 

If you don't already have a Black Powder Kit and Star Kit let me recommend:


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Kit makes 15 3-Inch shells