Radiant Green Star Kit


This kit for making bright green fireworks stars contains enough chemicals to make about 10 pounds of green stars bright enough to be used even in daylight.

Each kit contains:
- Potassium Perchlorate, 4 pounds (#CH5400)
- Barium Carbonate, 3 pounds (#CH8025)
- Aluminum, atomized spherical, 9 micron 2 pounds (#CH0101)
- Parlon, 1 pound (#CH8210)

You can make cut stars with this kit, using acetone as your binder. You can also make rolled stars with it, but you should add dextrin to the formula if you want to roll round stars (see the project instructions for more info on that).

Be sure all chemicals are well-mixed using a 40 mesh screen.

Buying this kit saves you 20% vs. buying the chemicals separately. This kit ships in 2 boxes.

Click here for Notes on Making Radiant Green Stars.

Click here for Ned Gorski's Tutorial on Making Cut Stars. Although the tutorial uses a different kind of star than Radiant Green one, the process is exactly the same

 Part #KT1030