Veline Color Stars Kit


The Veline Color Stars Kit has all the chemicals you'll need to make more then 4 lbs. of brilliantly colored stars + 1 lb. of hot prime:

Kit Includes:

- Potassium Perchlorate, 3 pound, (#CH5400) 
- Magnalium, 1 pound, (#CH2073)
- Strontium carbonate, 1 pound, (#CH8310)
- Calcium carbonate, 1 pound, (#CH8052)
- Barium carbonate, 1/2 pound, (#CH8025C)
- Copper oxide, 1 pound, (#CH8096)
- Parlon, 1 pound, (#CH8210)
- Red gum, air-milled, .5 pound, (#CH8230)
- Barium nitrate, 1 pound, (#CH5102)
- Dextrin, 1 pound, (#CH8107)
- Charcoal airfloat, 1 pound, (#CH8068)
- Wood meal, 1 pound, (#CH8335)
- Iron oxide, 1 pound, (#CH8168)
- Potassium dichromate, 1 pound, (#CH5525)

Save 20% on all these chemicals by purchasing them as a kit.

Click here to see How to Make Veline Fireworks Stars.

This kit lets you make up to 4 lbs. of any one color. But you can make a lot more than that with this kit, if you simply add more of the chemicals needed for whatever color you want. See the Veline instructions for percentage breakdowns. All of the chemicals are listed to your left.

Part #KT1000