Whistle & Strobe Rocket Tools

COMING SOON: Whistle & Strobe Rocket Tools
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Always press whistle composition (using a hydraulic or other press); never ram (hammer) whistle composition (it can and will explode if rammed). There are no instructions provided with these rocket toolkits. For more information, see the articles on making whistle and strobe rockets. Use only the strongest possible parallel tubes when making whistle and strobe fireworks and rockets.

Whistle rocket toolkit consists of an aluminum base, a spindle, a hollow rammer, and a solid rammer. The hollow rammer forms the nozzle from the whistle composition (no clay or other non-whistle comp nozzle is used in whistle rockets). It is also used when pressing the whistle composition up to the top of the spindle. The solid rammer is used when pressing the remainder of the fuel above the spindle. The spindle is made from 304 stainless steel which resists galling and erosion from grog, titanium, and other hard materials. All rammers are custom turned to our specifications from 6061 T-6 aluminum round stock.

Strobe rocket toolkits are different from straight whistle rockets. The spindle is longer and there are more rammers. The metals used are the same as above.