3D Printed Mini Shells Supplies Kit


The 3D Printed Mini Shells Supplies Kit contains all of the supplies you need to assemble 100 mini-shells and 5 mini-mortars, plus it contains an assortment of Effects fuse to get you started making your first shells.

The shells made in this project are a perfect way to express your creativity. Load them up with your homemade stars, or effects fuse, and match them with a lovely rising effect. 

Why Mini Shells?

At Skylighter we love smaller projects like this one because they allow those of us with smaller shoot sites (backyards) to get creative any time they want. These shells are big enough to produce a lovely display but small enough that you can experiment until your heart's content without using up all of your precious chemicals.

Plus the project will show you how to build a reusable mini-mortar you can use over and over again.

The 3D-printed mortar base and end plugs are a great introduction to using 3D-printed parts in your homemade fireworks. With detailed step-by-step instructions, pre-designed--ready to print--3D files, and a supplies kit you're going to knock this project out of the park the first time and that's a guarantee!

Kit includes enough tubes & fuse to make 100 shells, and effects fuse for 25 finished shells!

- .780" x 2" Tubes (Pack of 100) TU2032 

- 3 Pound Double Voice Cracker Tubes (Pack of 5) TU1375

- 1 Roll Falling Leaves Fuse Red - 30ft GN1504

- 1 Roll Flying Fish Fuse Gold - 30ft GN1020

- 1 Roll Visco Cannon Fuse - 30ft GN1019



Read the detailed step-by-step instructions here: 

3D Printed Mini-Shells You Can Assemble and Shoot at Home!

Additional Materials:

The kit comes with an assortment of effects fuse to get you started, but I know you're going to want to try additional payloads So, Skylighter offers a wide assortment of Star Kits and Effects Fuse:

You will also need a source for black powder to use as lift, burst, and prime for your new mini-shells. If you have access to commercial 2Fg black powder you can use that, or you can use one of Skylighter's Black Powder Kits. 

You will need these 4 STL files in order to 3D print your mini shells! - Oh, and they are totally free!  



Part #KT0021