Red Screen Sliced Stars Refill Kit (no screen)

$52.35 /kit

Some of the components of this kit are unavailable during this time, the estimated shipping date is October 1st. Order now and be the first to get this kit when this kit is in stock! 

This refill kit contains all the chemicals in the Screen Sliced Stars Kit for making red rubber stars, but not the 3 mesh screen. 

Make red rubber stars using the screen-slicing method--the fastest way to make fireworks stars ever invented. You can make 2.5 lbs. of brilliant red, rubber stars from scratch in 3 hours or less.

You can test burn these stars even before they are dry. They dry in 2-3 hours, which means you can use them in your fireworks the same day you make the stars. No other method for making fireworks stars is this fast.

Each kit contains:
- Magnalium, 1/2 pound (#CH2079)
- Strontium Nitrate, 2 pounds (#CH5543)
- Parlon, 1 pound (#CH8210)
- Red Gum, air milled, 1 pound (#CH8230)

This kit makes enough stars for approximately 20 1.75" mines, 15 3" ball shells or 6 4" ball shells. These stars do not have to be primed but to ensure ignition use a Hot Prime. If you don't already have the chemicals to prime your rubber stars, you can save about 20% by getting the Rubber Stars Prime Kit.

Check out the project so you can learn How to Make Red Rubber Stars in 3 hours or less yourself.


Part #KT1006