Rainbow of Rubber Stars Kit


How to make fireworks stars the easiest way possible in 8 different colors. All the chemicals you'll need to make more than 4 lbs. of brilliantly colored, rubber stars:

With this kit, you can make Red, Red-Orange, Yellow, Green, Silver, Blue, Indigo and Violet stars! Our most complete star-making kit ever.

- Potassium perchlorate, 2 pound, (#CH5400) 
- Magnalium, 1 pound 
- Strontium carbonate, 1 pound, (#CH8310)
- Calcium carbonate, 1 pound, (#CH8052)
- Barium carbonate, 8 oz., (#CH8025C)
- Copper carbonate, 1 pound, (#CH8087)
- Parlon, 1 pound, (#CH8210)
- Red gum, air-milled, 0.25 pound, (#CH8230)
- Titanium, 1 pound, (#CH3006)
- Lactose, 1 pound, (#CH8169)

Cut stars are some of the easiest stars to make. These rubber stars are specially formulated to be fast drying. These stars can be mixed, cut, and dried in hours! You can even test them before they've fully dried.

These stars need to be primed. Don't forget to add a Rubber Stars Prime Kit if you don't already have the materials.

You will also need either a 3 and/or a 4 mesh Star Making Screen. You'll see them elsewhere on this page or you can find them here: Star Making Screens

You can get the complete Rainbow of Rubber Stars project instructions here: How to Make Rubber Stars.

Are you fixing to make a batch of Rubber stars, complete with prime and all the fixings, but don't want to calculate the ratios for your batch size?

Well, one of the Skylighter faithful did all the math for you and provided a MS Excel sheet that calculates all the details in an instant. Just select the color, and enter your batch size and it does all the work for you.

Free Download Here: Rainbow of Rubber Stars Calculator

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