Titanium, Granular, 200-325 mesh (Orange Spark)

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$21.52 /lb

Granular titanium consists of silver free-flowing granules. 

Sold by the pound.  

*This product is a byproduct and may contain a small amount of foreign material. this foreign material will not affect the performance and is less then 0.5% by weight*

Produces a delicate spray of fine orange sparks, with light branching, and light to medium crackle. This granular titanium is an industrial byproduct and likely is alloyed with around 20% aluminium which produces the beautiful and unusual fine spray effect. Sparks produce an 8 to 10-inch dead fall duration making them ideal for devices that are closer to audiences.

Works well in fountains, rockets, stars, comets, saxons and drivers. Mix this with larger particle sizes if you want long comet tails.

This titanium works great in the following projects:

Plasma Cutter Fountain

Saxon Spark Wheels

 "Sizzler" Sparklers

4 Oz. Black Powder Rockets

Part # (CH3113)