The Black Friday Turbo Pyro Sale Is Over

Sorry, The HUGE Black FridayTurbo Pyro Sale Has Ended Thank you everyone who made this sale an astounding success! The Turbo Pyro Kit was designed to help anyone quickly and easily learn to make fireworks. Compressing years of learning, trial...

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Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit

If you’re just starting out in fireworks making, the Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit is a fantastic value. Hopefully, this page should answer most or all of your questions. Make 92 fireworks in one weekend! Ned Gorski and I designed these...

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Legal Fireworks

Is it Legal to Make Fireworks? SPECIAL REPORT: Fireworking, the Law and You There have been so many questions about what it takes to make fireworks legally. Far and away most of the responses to our recent fireworks survey had...

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Fireworks Making Problems

3,272 People Responded to Our Latest Fireworks Survey …And the Results Might Surprise You We recently contacted over 3,272 fireworks fans to ask them this important question: What is the #1 reason you are not making fireworks at this time....

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