Fireworks Making Projects and Articles

Microjet Stars - Using Potassium Perchlorate

From The Best of AFN III: After competing in the 1990 PGI aerial competition, I've been asked by some of my friends to explain the principles and how-to's of a microjet star. After many hours testing, failing, and retesting, I...

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Titanium Lightning Bolt Instructions

This project originally appeared in "Best of AFN IV." We've made a few changes, specifically Titanium as our metal of choice. Instructions: First, the pyrotechnic composition is made by mixing granulated metal with a good Black Powder. In our video...

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Fireworks "Micro-Wheel"

Effects fuses like flying fish or falling leave are fantastic for quick and dirty rocket toppers, 2" cylinder shells, and even fun little projects like this — the world's smallest spinning fireworks wheel. I LOVE this one! Step 1. Cut...

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