How to Make Fireworks



It's the dead of winter. You want to make fireworks--"something," just to smell the smoke. Perhaps you'd like to entertain the party-goers with a pretty device. You'd like to light up the night as the crowd looks out into the...

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Firefly Aluminum Powder Rocket Composition

John Dudley sent this in. Thanks John. Firefly Aluminum Rockets Ball mill the lampblack, sulfur and potassium nitrate together for two hours, just like making black powder. Next, mix in the firefly aluminum powder and boric acid. Make regular black...

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How to Make Firework Mines

Introduction There is a beautiful photo on the cover of Dr. Takeo Shimizu's Fireworks, The Art, Science and Technique (FAST). At the top of the picture is a huge, double-petaled, fireworks-shell starburst, with several smaller star-flowers between it and the...

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How To Make Visco Fuse Rockets

A while back I received samples of some of Skylighter's fabulous Chinese-made fireworks fuse products: fast yellow visco, green visco, thin (cross-match) visco, and paper firecracker fuse. Noting the substantial flame spit from the visco fuse, I decided to try...

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