How to Make Fireworks


How to Make Model Rocket Engines

Why make your own Estes black powder rocket engines? "This here's a story about a man named Ned, His grandson Jake called, and this is what he said, Pap, I've got an Estes rocket and a question for you, Can...

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How to Make Sky Lanterns

Can mere mortals make sky lanterns? I gotta admit, I've seen sky lanterns around for several years. I've seen 'em advertised right here by Skylighter. Have seen them at displays and club events. But, honestly I never gave them much...

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Making and Testing High-Powered Black Powder

Black powder (BP) is an almost ridiculously simple pyro ingredient. Mostly just three chemicals, blended together in simple ways, but producing wonderful results. Black powder exemplifies for me the endless learning, experimentation, and creativity that fireworking holds for us. If...

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